Get Travel Insurance

Does your health insurance cover you out of the country? Most health insurance plans available in the United States have limited coverage outside of your home state. Many Medicare Advantage plans do reimburse emergency medical expenses if you travel. BUT in most cases you need to pay for your treatment yourself (not to mention have the money up front!), keep the receipts, have it translated into English, and then turn in those receipts for reimbursement. Whew!

It is so much more convenient to get travel insurance, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive!

Tale of Two Trips – A Cautionary Tale!

GeoBlue uses an international PPO network; all physicians and staff they work with speak English. They also provide a telemed phone app so you can be treated from your hotel room!

This coverage is great for all kinds of travel: work, pleasure, for students studying abroad, and also for those on extended stays, as in mission trips. It also covers those visiting the United States for extended stays.

If you’d like an instant quote, you can see costs and buy it online by just clicking this link: Get GeoBlue.

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