Get Dental and Vision for All Ages


Besides preventing expensive dental problems, your yearly dental visits can discover more than cavities, as sometimes serious health problems are discovered when the dentist takes a look.

You can get dental insurance at any time of year, with no age restrictions. There are two types of dental coverage available: DHMO, which is like a dental HMO, and PPO, which dentists adore. What’s the difference?

Types of Dental Insurance

DHMO (Dental HMOs):
  • Less expensive, generally a yearly fee
  • Fixed costs, set by a dental fee schedule
  • No yearly limit
  • Immediate coverage for major treatments, like cavities or crowns
  • Less dentists take this kind of coverage, must be in the network
  • More expensive, usually a monthly fee
  • You pay a fixed percentage of the dentist’s treatment cost
  • Yearly maximum coverage limits, anywhere from $500 to $10,000!
  • Waiting periods for major treatment beyond cleanings (waiting period can be waived if you can prove you’ve had employer group dental insurance up until that point)
  • Most dentists take it, even out of network

What Kind Should I Get?

If your favorite dentist takes insurance, find out what kind: DHMO? PPO? Find out which DHMO or PPOs your dentist accepts; usually dentists will take employer group dental PPOs, but many also like private PPO dental plans. After you’ve checked with your dentist, here are links where you can conveniently get your insurance online:

Dental and vision for all ages

Delta Dental (DHMO and PPO): Enroll here into a Delta Dental HMO or PPO plan in California or Texas. Delta covers implants.

(Don’t know a Delta dentist?  Check the Search function here.  Scroll down to find a dentist.  They have YELP reviews, which helps.)

If you’d like Delta Dental in Arizona, click here. Please note they’re all PPOs in Arizona! To a find an Arizona dentist who takes Delta, click here.

Email me if you’d like Delta Dental for your teeth in Nevada.

Ameritas/Spirit Dental (PPO):

Enroll here into a Spirit/Ameritas dental plan – they start immediately!

You have an option for vision insurance at the same time for just $7 more a month.

This company covers implants.

Best One Dental (Immediate PPO)

If you need immediate PPO coverage, check out Best One Dental. Coverage ranges from $1,500 (no major coverage) to $3,000 and $5,000 annual coverage. Consider this plan for implants; first year 10% coverage, 60% Year 2! This plan also includes a free EyeMed discount plan for many local optometrists.

Cigna PPO

Dental, Vision, and Hearing savings are bundled onto your Cigna Flexible Choice Dental plan! You can choose an annual PPO max from 1,000 to $5,000 a year with an optional disappearing deductible. The plan has a 12-month waiting period for major services, but covers 60% in Year 2. (Implants are not covered, FYI.) Check out Cigna insurance here.

Physicians Mutual uses the Ameritas PPO Network. Their plans have a 12-month waiting period for major work, but has no annual maximums. However, implants have a $1,000 lifetime max. This company does not offer an enrollment link, please email me directly for more information.

Do you really, really need implants? You can get up to $10,000 a year of coverage after a one-year waiting period (first year only covers 10%), but at year 3, you’re covered 60%!

This plan also has optional vision coverage through VSP, and you can get glasses or contact lenses right away (no waiting period), then every 12 months after that.

You can check it out here.

Dental for Everyone (PPO and discount plans):

Don’t want to wait?

Enroll here into a Delta Dental, Nationwide, or Renaissance no-wait plan. This is also the only place where you fill find a Delta Dental Premier plan.

California Dental Network: Enroll here into a California Dental Network HMO or savings plan. HMO, discount, and PPO plans available.

Dental Health Services

Enroll here into a no-deductible, no maximum Dental Health Services plan – you can also find a dentist through this link.

Blue Shield – Individual and family dental is available; you can enroll here. On the higher Blue Shield HMO plan, implants are covered!

Check here to see if your dentist takes Blue Shield.

Dental and Vision for all ages


Dental and vision for all ages

Many dental insurance companies also provide vision insurance, like Ameritas, NCD, Nationwide, and Dental for Everyone, above.

EyeMed vision for all ages


Need glasses, or thinking about Lasik? Besides glasses and contacts, you can get discounts for Lasik. Discounts on hearing aids are also available! EyeMed has a huge provider network, including companies like LensCrafters and Target Optical. They have a choice of premiums.

Enroll here into an EyeMed vision plan.

Spirit Dental for all ages

Ameritas/Direct Vision:

Another popular vision insurance company – you have a choice of local opticians through the VSP vision company, and EyeMed is also available.

Enroll here into an Ameritas/Direct Vision plan.

Dental for Everyone (the vision part):  You can get a United Vision Plan or VSP plan without any waiting periods. Enroll here into a UVP or VSP vision plan.

Blue Shield also has a nifty little vision plan through MES for $6.90 a month; click here to enroll! They take it at Costco – I know this because I put my husband and daughter on this plan and they get their glasses there every year! (FYI, there’s a 90-day waiting period, just so you know.)

Look for your eye professional here. (Click on the vision care icon.)

Cigna also has vision and hearing insurance through its dental coverage; the vision coverage has a 6-month waiting period and pays up to $200 every two years. Hearing has a 12-month waiting period and pays up to $500 every year. Check out coverage and providers here.

Is the dental or vision plan you’re interested in not listed?  Ask me and I can probably get it for you!

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