Small groups, large groups, and really big groups are all welcome here!

Small Groups

Groups up to 99 members . . .

. . . can get a tax credits for having an employee group health plan in place. This is worth talking to your income tax preparer about.  Choose one or more of the four “metal tiers” that your employees can select coverage from. 

Is your group very small? Or a start-up? Yes, you can get coverage! Talk to me and we’ll find the right plan for you.

“Helena to the rescue!  For decades, I had struggled with small business health plans.  They changed too often, and the selections were usually complex.  It seemed that every small business I was involved in had hiccups and surprises with health and dental plans.  Also, the prices always went up.  However, a few years ago, Helena Foutz took over our health care and dental plans for a couple of our small businesses.  I have really enjoyed how she explains the programs to our employees and resolves any problems.  She has given us a heads-up regarding big changes that might occur, so we could plan properly.   When we hire new employees, she does a great job offering training and discussions that help them fit into the right plan, based on income and lifestyle.   Two recent hires expressed how easy it was to work with her.  Our Accounting team loves her organized and responsive approach, too.  We are big fans of this kind and professional woman.”

Tim Marusich

President, Schwalm, Inc. –


California created a state law requiring that companies not offering a retirement plan register for the CalSavers Retirement Savings Program; your employer group must register or be fined for not complying. You can read about it here:

Your company can get tax benefits by creating a SIMPLE IRA or 401(k) plan for your employees, at the same time saving them the cost of the CalSavers administration. Or, they can get themselves a Roth IRA and earn tax-free. Give me a call to discuss your options because I can help.

Key Person Insurance

Another thought is key person insurance, which goes into effect upon the death or disability of a person who is crucial to the your organization’s survivability, a specific key employee, such as a founder, owner, or important executive. Unlike personal life and disability insurance, the business buy a key person policy, pays the premium, and is the beneficiary. If the covered employee dies, the business get the insurance payoff.

Contact me for a census and we’ll discuss what you’d like to offer your group!

Large groups

Large groups or even larger ones can design employee benefits programs, ranging from:

  • Group health
  • Group dental
  • Group vision
  • Voluntary benefits
  • COBRA administration
  • Telemedicine/telehealth
  • Life Insurance
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Group Medicare!

Please contact me about your large group’s needs; I can generate a proposal to your company.

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If you are interested in other products such as Under-65 health plans, group health plans, or life insurance, please note in the comment section above.

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